Dora Sauceda

Assistant Superintendent

Dora Sauceda, an educator and principal leadership development specialist is based in Brownsville, Texas. In this profile of a teacher and administrator from Texas, you'll learn about her lengthy career in education and her goals for the future.

She has been the district's assistant superintendent since July of 2014 when she was appointed to the position. There are other superintendents in the area that she works with to ensure that Brownsville ISD's schools have all the resources they need to succeed in the new year. She and her colleagues work tirelessly to assist students from kindergarten through high school achieve their full potential. For Ms. Sauceda, it's her goal to change her school system so that her students may pick from a wide range of post-secondary education options.

Since Dora Sauceda has been in charge of her schools, they have all developed tremendously. High school graduates can get credentials from her if they do not want to attend university. To give themselves an edge in college, high school students might take courses that count for both their high school and college credits simultaneously. In addition, students may be able to save money by reducing the time and money they spend on campus.

However, despite having spent more than two decades in education in Brownsville, Dora Sauceda did not begin her career working at her former school. Instead of pursuing a biology degree, she hoped to become an English teacher at her college enrollment. Because she was born into a low-income family, she required a reliable source of income.

Dora Sauceda started teaching at Gladys Porter Early College High School, where she acquired a passion for the field. She decided to pursue a master's and then a doctorate in educational administration and supervision at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). Cummings Middle School's long-term fall in academic and professional standards necessitated Dora Sauceda's assistance as principal. Brownsville's Superintendent works closely with the district's principals and provides leadership training for the district's educators and administrators.

Dora Sauceda was a local public school student in the Brownsville area of Texas. Since then, she has been attending the University of Texas-Pan American Brownsville, one of the best public universities in Texas. In addition to her work as an educator, Dora Sauceda has also held positions in administration and as a school principal.

She left Brownsville, Texas, to pursue a career in school administration after realizing she had a natural aptitude for it. After finishing the Cooperative Superintendency Program at the University of Texas at Austin, she obtained her educational doctorate. The following year, Ms. Sauceda completed her doctorate in educational administration and returned to her birthplace of Brownsville, Texas, to begin her new job.

Many in Texas, including her children, lack the necessities for a successful and happy life. Dora Sauceda, a seasoned instructor, is well aware of this. She donates to United Way every month, and she also donates to Goodwill regularly. The ASPCA is another beneficiary of her generosity, as she wants to make a difference in the lives of animals in her neighborhood and throughout the nation.

Due to her work, Cummings Middle School and Porter High School in Brownsville ISD have been recognized by the Texas Education Agency as educational centers of excellence. She is good at working with people from various professional and personal backgrounds. For Ms. Sauceda, being a superintendent means more than simply a job; it means leaving a legacy of collaboration, inclusion, and hard work in her wake.

Assistant superintendent Dora Sauceda spends time with her three children and other hobbies when she's not at work. When spending time with her family, Mrs. Sauceda, a mother of three, takes it very seriously. In addition, she enjoys traveling and meeting new people around the country and the globe in her spare time. In her everyday routine, Dora Sauceda integrates running into her workouts. She has completed a number of races in Texas that she is looking forward to doing at a more comfortable pace of 9.18 minutes per mile or less.